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John 1:1,2.. and 14

Greetings, Realize that in the greek language we would read as the title to this book, “The Holy Glad Tidings According to John.” Most of us currently read “The Gospel according to John.” Remember, what John shares here was imparted to him by Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus chose to share the truth with John, so today, if you take these words that John has recorded and seriously respond to them I’m convinced from my experiences meditating and responding to this Gospel that you will better understand God and better experience Him.

Verse 1.. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and God was the Word..

In the beginning was the Word (A Being who is defined by something said): Realize here that the greek word ‘logos’ is a noun. A capitalized noun here represents a Being, a Being who is represented by something said (a word). Or you could think of it as a being whose existence is defined by something said or declared. A word is something that is said, when something is said with words there is a reason for saying it. So going further and tying it all together: In the beginning was the Being defined by a purposeful utterance…

This Being defined by a meaningful declaration was “with” God, “with” in the greek translates as “working towards the same goal”, therefore, this Being was working towards the same goal as God..

So, this Being defined by a meaningful declaration was working towards the same goal as God, and God was the Word.

God “was” (past tense here),  God was the Word, so God is one Being, and the Word is another Being, however God used to be Himself and the Word (this Being that exists as an utterance) at the same time.

Altogether: In the beginning was the Being that existed as something said, and this Being who existed as something said was working towards the same goal as God, and God was also this Being.

Verse 2.. (love this verse because it clarifies something important for us!) He was in the beginning with God.

The word “He” is now introduced!!! It implies that the Word is not a place or thing but a Being! “He” is a  pronoun:


A word that can function by itself as a noun phrase and that refers either to the participants in the discourse (e.g., I, you) or to someone or something mentioned elsewhere in the discourse (e.g., she, it, this)

In the greek this word “He” literally ties verse 2 to verse 1 “He” in the greek literally means, “this one just mentioned”

Tying it altogether, Verse 2:

This one just mentioned was in the beginning working towards the same goal as God

Verse 14… And the Word became flesh, and tabernacled among us..

Stop there, in the greek this is the exact same word as in verse 1.

The word “flesh” here simply means: the part of the living body that covers the bones, altogether known as the body.

tabernacled: this means to setup your habitation, it refers to the steps taken to setup your physical living place (your home).

Tying this together for Verse 14:

And the Being existing as an utterance became a body, and setup His home among us. 

Bringing in verses 1 and 2 followed by 14:

1. In the beginning was the Being that existed as something said, a purposeful utterance, or a declaration was this Being.. and the Being was working towards the same goal with God, and God was the Being as well, not just one Being but two Beings existing as one Being.

2. This one just mentioned was in the beginning working towards the same goal with God.

14. And the Being became a body of flesh and bone, and setup His home among other bodies of flesh and bone.

What to take from this:

Realize at the end there that it does not say that the Being lost anything when becoming a man of flesh and bone. Instead it notes where the Being chose to setup His home.

Is this easy to understand? No. We know that John is referring to Jesus Christ, or God living fully as God and fully as a man. It’s hard to understand though how a divine Being can be called Word, or be something that’s uttered. I imagine sounds made up this Being because when words are uttered you hear them (they make a sound), so this being was made of sound? hmm.. words are also formed from thoughts, before we utter words we think of what words we will utter, so was this Being made of thoughts and sounds? It’s not easy to fully imagine what John has shared. We do notice that this Being was also God Himself, so now we see that the thoughts and sounds are God… however, this seems to almost make things more difficult, we now have two nouns representing Persons, or Beings that have been joined together into one noun. So these thoughts and sounds (Word) exist in one corner, and in the other corner God exists, however these are both corners of the same Room (Being). Then this part of God’s being made of thought and sound breaks away to become a body of flesh and bone. How this happens is by far the most amazing part of these building ideas, that in some way God’s being which exists as both Him and as a Being of thought and sound (Word) now transforms into a new existence as a human body! The thoughts and sounds become a man of flesh and bone. Last important note here is the TENSES. In verse 2 we see the Word “was,” this implies that the Word used to be with God in the beginning or used to be located in the same place as God in the beginning, but in verse 14 we see present tense: the Word becomes flesh among those of flesh! This all implies that the Word was one place working towards a goal and then simply changed form and location to still work towards the same goal, that God as Himself stayed intact and God as the Word or Being made of thought and sound became flesh among flesh. It’s interesting here how Jesus taught John and now John is choosing to tell us that this Word(Jesus) changed form and location to be with us for some reason.

Many Christian’s may think that “Word” is referring to the words in the Holy Bible. However, Word is a capitalized noun and is referring to a person, place, or thing (a person as revealed by verse 2)… implying that ‘Word’ represents the words we read in the Bible is not an implication we need to hang on! We read the word “He” which refers back to “Word” and this implies a Being.  It’s not logical for a Christian to take from this passage that the Word is the words of the Holy Bible, certainly God’s words are special and can cause us living beings to experience Him, and many refer to the Holy Bible as God’s word. I do believe that we can know God’s words, and believe they’re made accessible by those who hung out with Jesus a lot! They can surely know and understand God’s words because Jesus “spoke” words to them! But we should realize that there’s a difference between the Word and God’s word. I believe that the Holy Bible records Jesus’ words along with the words of those Jesus chose to teach. I believe that those who Jesus chose to teach wrote down what they learned, and if we are to handle our Holy Bible as we should we should simply understand that we have records of Jesus’ words and His followers words to read and study to help us understand God so that we can properly respond to Him and experience Him in similar ways as expressed by the authors. The authors heard from Jesus, and that’s enough to convince me to pay attention closely to what they have to say themselves. I don’t approach the Holy Bible as if its a bad guide to knowing and experiencing God, but I approach it as a Sacred Book that’s filled with truth that I can test by choosing to live by its words and then noting the actual life that I experience in response to living this way. 9 years since I decided to respond to Jesus’ words and the words of His followers I’ve found it extremely beneficial to me! Knowing these words and responding to what they teach has helped me learn how to live a bountiful life that promotes righteousness. I wouldn’t rather be lead to live any other way, I love it when righteousness prevails and I enjoy God’s power working in my life daily in similar ways as it worked in the life of John.

Is the Holy Bible required to know and experience God? Of course not, but realize that Jesus’ recorded words and His followers words are being spread all over the place by God not man, if God is spreading Jesus’ words and His followers words more and more each year, eventually these words will be accessible every where on earth. If you can access a Holy Bible right now, take advantage of the access to it! Thousands more are being printed as you read this so that others can better know God.. I’ll never forget the testimony of a man in China, he met someone on a rural path and they started talking about this God they knew, this man in China was a Christian and everything this guy was telling him on the path sounded so familiar! So the China man explained that it was Jesus and gave this guy he met a Holy Bible. The guy was so excited to learn more about what Jesus had to say! On my college campus a student started understanding certain truths about his existence, he sensed they were very true and real. Some Christian’s on campus met him by chance and heard everything he understood, they were astonished! This guy was explaining scriptures to them! They quickly gave him a Holy Bible and he was excited to read more about this Jesus he was quoting! God doesn’t need a Holy Bible to bring someone to know Him. Jesus is recorded emphasizing the importance of scripture! So we must not fall to apathy, if Jesus is quoted explaining the importance of knowing scripture, then we should take scripture seriously! Jesus never says that scripture is REQUIRED, He simply notes it’s importance! God doesn’t need scripture to save us, but I’m convinced He uses it to feed and mature us! If scripture is not available God can still work, but this doesn’t mean that God doesn’t find scripture important! The Holy Bible is not worth dieing for, it’s message is! The Holy Bible, is just that (Bible means book) it’s a book, a book that shares the words of Jesus the Holy God. My best advice.. take time to read it, it’s contents will guide you well!


Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians Chapter 1 verses 3,4,5,6

Greetings, Chapter one verses three through six are believed to have been written to a group of people in Ephesus called the Ephesians. This is Paul’s Epistle (Epistle: A written letter sometimes commending a person/group). This group of people consisted of those who had decided to respond to what Jesus proclaimed by using the power God gives to live their lives according to His Gospel (Gospel: Good News). It’s believed that Paul wrote this letter to the Ephesians while in prison just 64 years after Jesus had been crucified.

What can we learn from this letter? What can we pull from it and live by? Will the things we learn be beneficial to us in this life? It’s believed that God’s Holy Word, or the Holy Bible as we call it contains a living truth. No other book on earth is believed to contain a truth that can live inside of us and guide us into an experience with a non-human divine being (God). I take the words from this man Paul very seriously because I’m convinced that Paul experienced God through living his life according to Jesus’ teachings. The more I can learn from this letter that Paul chose to write then I believe the more deep my experience with the living God will be. So, I think it’s worth letting the contents of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians into our lives to shape and mold our Christian living..

Verse 3: Blessed (praised, admired, respected) is God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ has blessed us (caused us to prosper, made us happy) with every spiritual (of divine nature, not man-made) blessing (benefit, or that which makes you bountiful) in (by way of, through) the heavenlies (a divine place where humans don’t exist) in (by way of, through) Christ (God as the anointed Messiah created from Himself and fully embodying His divine self in a human person).

Leading into Verse 4… God is respected, He has caused us to prosper, we have divine benefits by way of His divine place and through Himself as God in a human person…. Verse 4: … According as he has (We see that he) chosen us (picked us to belong to Himself) in (by way of, through) him (Himself) before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy (worthy of honor, pure, upright, clean) and without blame before him in (by way of, through) love (choosing to treat people good, choosing to be kind and gentle, choosing to show affection, choosing to give and show mercy)

Summarizing Verses 3 & 4:

God is admired, He has made us prosperous in His own way through His place and His Son He’s done this… Because of this we see that He has picked us to belong to Himself before the world even began He chose us to be upright people in this existence with His choice to be merciful He made this choice…

Leading into Verse 5.. having predestined us to  (predetermined, or decided before our existence for us to be obtained) adoption as sons (for acceptance as His children) by (by way of, through) Jesus Christ to (for) Himself, according to (this all according to) the good pleasure (and kind intent) of His will (purpose to bless mankind through Christ),

Leading into Verse 6 .. He decided before our existence that we be obtained by Him as His acceptable children, this done by way of Jesus Christ, and done according to the kind intent of His purpose to bless us.. Verse 6.. to (and this all for) the praise of the glory (excellency) of His grace (merciful and loving-kindness and favor), by which He made us accepted (lovely, able to be honored with blessing, able to pursue grace, able to obtain things with favor) in (by way of, through) the Beloved (Jesus: The One who we can love and because we love Him we are loved (or we experience His Grace, Favor, and Blessings because we love Him as opposed to those who choose not to love Him).

Now the most important part of this six verse study- WHAT do I do with the information from this letter? Lets recognize how we can respond by the way we live and view life: Are we living according to what these verses reveal? Or are we disregarding what they reveal and ignoring the potential increase for our relationship with God?

1) We have access to benefits that aren’t made by people if we seek them by way of Jesus we can acquire them.
Test: Are you experiencing divine benefits in your Christian living? Yes?, then you’re living according to Jesus’ teaching. No?, then you’re living by way of something else, something that does not have the ability to share divine benefits with you!

Warning: Can you survive this life without divine benefits?! Unfortunately I don’t know and neither do you, in this case, lets all please follow Jesus’ way of living so that we have access to these benefits! For without them our destiny’s will be altered!

2) Do we know that we have ONE way to access these divine benefits? That they come from one being and are revealed to us through ONE process?

Test: Are you looking to your friends, or to your job, or to a college degree, or to ANYTHING other than God Almighty for a bountiful life? Do you find yourself seeking mans works, or trying to put all your trust in your own works that these things may benefit you? Are you not asking in Jesus’ name and seeking Jesus’ way of life as a means to receiving the divine help you need? No?, then you must have awesome testimony’s of how God has extended His benefits to you and made your life bountiful? Yes?, then you’re doing everything in vain! or apart from God, and your work is meaningless.. If God is not writing your life story then you’re writing it and your life will be destructive if you write it!

Warning: If you look to other ways to benefit in this life and find a bountiful life other than through a real (on God’s terms) relationship with God then you will not have divine benefits and you will never be bountiful, INSTEAD you could find serious life-long pain while on this earth, If you don’t realize that a Jesus-like lifestyle is what you need to really live with benefits and fulfillment then you will live without benefit and with a constant need for fulfillment that you will try to fill with things that will destroy you inside!

3) Will we acknowledge that we are all made to exist as children of God who are like Him (we are made to use our strength and intellect towards the promotion of good and right things) and because we are today accepted by God through Jesus Christ we have access to His blessings, His grace, and His favor in this life on earth?

Test: Are you aware of why you exist? Are you trusting that God has you here to promote His ways with your strength and intellect? Are you seeking God’s will and tender to the opportunities that He gives you to experience His blessings, grace, and favor? Are you even aware that God has opportunities for you to know Him and wants to work through your life that righteousness may prevail in this world?? Has your focus ever been on promoting God and sharing His truth in some way, shape, or form? Are you blessed? Do you sense God’s grace working in and through your life? Do you find you have favor in life? Yes?, then you’re acknowledging God’s definition of who you are, your thoughts are aware of His desire for you to be more like Him in all aspects of your living, you are letting Him define what you’re here on earth for, and are familiar with His divine benefits and His favor. No?, You don’t have a reason to exist! You’re not sure how to utilize the strength and intellect you’ve been given, you just use it however you see fit in your own eyes, you define your own purpose and identity- only tender to the opportunities that help yourself be more acceptable and famous, you’re selfish deep down and your human ideas and ways are prevailing which aren’t really helping people truly live with benefits that they need- and not helping them discover truly bountiful lives.

Warning: The way that a man/woman should live is not defined by themselves! If you decide to set up your own world-view and define your own purpose and what you should do with your strength and intellect it will not truly help anyone prosper! You may feel good from time to time but a true non-man-made life experience is not what you promote and so your own definition of why you exist will in the end be FUTILE. You will always have this need to improve yourself and improve society but because society is ultimately so mysterious itself you’ll never reach any results that you will be happy with! You will watch non-Christian’s become Christian’s and watch the truth they promote really CHANGE lives and bring life. You will watch your meaning for your own existence only bring pain in the form of confusion and excessive need for answers leading to emotional decline. It will be hard to survive without knowing for what reason you’re really existing and for what you should use your intellect and strength towards.

4) Do you trust that God’s excellency should be praised because of the grace He’s shown to us? Do you see that He has brought praise unto Himself because of the excellent being that He is? That He should not be praised by His own creation because He’s selfish, but because He’s the exact opposite? Do you see that God’s creation recognizing and praising Himself is a means to promoting His goodness that can be experienced by those who don’t know Him?

Test: Are you upset because God is getting all the glory and you’re not? You shouldn’t be, God Himself is worthy of it all, He’s shown us that He’s loving, and anyone who’s as loving as Him deserves much praise and admiration. Are you promoting yourself instead of Jesus in your activities and pursuits in life? Yes?, you aren’t getting any real rewards for what you’re doing! You’re just getting what everyone else gets for being selfish, more pride. You won’t truly sense that you’ve achieved anything at all, even if in a worldly sense you’ve won a lot, you will be miserable inside and have a serious need for something bigger and better. You will serve whatever can promote you: a business that makes you more money, a manager who can give you more recognition for the sake of popularity and recognition among your family/friends, etc. No?, You’ve learned to enjoy it when God gets all the glory because you find yourself getting to experience His presence and responses when you do this. You find you’re rewarded above and beyond what you could ever imagine. You are very aware of how worthy of praise and admiration God is and you give Him these things often to show Him He’s just that loving and worthy of them. You’re looking for a way to promote Jesus in every area of your life in everything that you use your strength and intellect towards. You don’t experience life like everyone else does, people describe your life as being different and your experiences in life being amazing and beyond their understanding. You sense that you’re achieving something great. You aren’t selfish, you aren’t full of pride, and you don’t feel a constant need to do more and achieve something far greater than what you’re currently doing, you leave this work up to God and simply ask Him to work through you to fulfill His will not your will. You serve Jesus who promotes righteousness and doesn’t promote you and your sinfulness! You aren’t attached to titles and achievements like they’re SO important to you, instead you find yourself giving Him the glory for what you’ve achieved and thanking Him for blessing you with strength and intellect to achieve- that without Him it wasn’t possible!

Warning: If you do not acknowledge the existence that God has made for you to have you will not know how to exist! You will constantly wonder what in the world you’re supposed to be doing and why you have to face so much trouble in life. You will develop this weird view that says, “I don’t know why I want to improve anything, I have trouble even when I want to do good things, I’m not sure why I have to struggle, I can’t trust anyone and nothing is really worth it in the end because there is always more trouble, and more problems, why do I even exist if life looks to be endlessly like this?!” You can become suicidal very quickly when something doesn’t go your way! You won’t know how to view the world because you’ll have no clue what to do with the strength and intellect you’ve been given to use in the world, you may end up promoting something destructive that hurts people and doesn’t help them! You are EXTREMELY prone to laziness and apathy both of which lead to intense emotional decline and no happiness or joy that truly sticks to your life! Your life is prone to being a roller-coaster of unnecessary-sized emotional struggles and events that you caused by not acknowledging why you exist!